Disobedience #5

Disobedience #5.
Zine: Disobedience
Issue: 5
Created by: Alberto Kroeger, Bryan Wendzel
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Boulder, CO
When: 1989

Disobedience was one of those prototypical zines that everyone wanted to make, that everyone wanted to look like, that everyone wanted to feel like. It's some serious badass cut-and-paste. Great layouts, incredible use of type and a cool handwriting style – not to mention Kroeger's artistic stylings – made Disobedience one of the legendary zines of the late 80s. This issue has a cool opening contents page and it just gets better. 

Notes: This was my first introduction to Alberto Kroeger. Who knew that 25 years later, we'd meet up for Mexican food in Austin, Texas and swap boxes of old zines?

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