Disobedience #7/8

Disobedience #7/8.
Zine: Disobedience
Issue: 7/8
Created by: Alberto Kroeger, Bryan Wendzel
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Boulder, CO
When: 1989

An underused concept in making zines, this issue of Disobedience is like a split 7" by your two favorite bands. Kroeger does issue seven as the first half of the zine, Wendzel does the flip side as issue eight. I only have issue five and this one... I wish I had more.

Notes: I did rotate the second half of the zine in Photoshop so you wouldn't have to turn your computer upside-down. Kroeger's current work and zine Girl Greaser are available at Backward Messages.

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