Stapled and Xeroxed Paper #2

Stapled and Xeroxed Paper #2.
Issue: 2
Created by: Spike Jonze
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Torrance, CA
When: 1989

Even more impressive than the first issue. The cover sucks you in. This one is still photo heavy, but the layouts are far better and with a great editorial bent. More poesy, with an emotional centerfold text piece by yours truly. Go figure. 

Notes: Were there more than two issues of this? Who's got copies of Bend and Chariot of the Ninja?

Stapled and Xeroxed Paper #1

Stapled and Xeroxed Paper #1.
Zine: Stapled and Xeroxed Paper
Issue: 1
Created by: Spike Jonze
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Torrance, CA
When: 1989

When Freestylin' Magazine master cluster members put out a zine, it's like the fucking Beatles putting out limited edition, unpublicized  solo albums right alongside Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Andy had Bend, Lew had Chariot of the Ninja, Spike had Stapled and Xeroxed Paper. Thankfully, no one at Wiz Pubs was Ringo. Spike Jonze did this one probably not too long after joining the staff, and I base that on the background images of the (likely) Nikon FM or FM2 with the MD-12 motor drive. The zine is image heavy, loaded with outtakes from Freestylin' and very little text. Shots of Hadji, Mad Dog, Rich Sigur, Marty Schlesinger, Brett Downs, Andy Jenkins, Mike Dominguez, Dino DeLuca, Brett Hernandez and Eddie Fiola. Visually, it's one of my favorite zines, like a little art installation that arrived in my mailbox in 1989.

Notes: The sideways stack of cardboard as a background usage is brilliant. 

Monkey Meets the Blowtorch #2

Monkey Meets the Blowtorch #2.
Zine: Monkey Meets the Blowtorch
Issue: 2
Created by: Eric Heins, Ryan Schierling
Format: 8 1/2" x 14"
Where: Emporia, KS
When: 1989

The second issue of MMTB. I wish I could find the first issue, which has a ton of interviews. Oh well, in this one there's a letter and some heavy stories from Nor-Cal Swami, an interview with Spike Jonze, Eric's recollection of the Austin 2-HIP King of Vert contest (with photos by Jonze), a couple shots of Dead Milkmen, photos of Rick Allison, Lee Ralph, and a ripped-off photo of Swank.

Notes: Legal-size paper, folded in half. The name for this zine came up in a phone conversation with Spike and Lew. Eric and I used to call Wizard Publications from time to time and ask for Spike or Lew, or Andy, or whoever was around. 

Death Of Bruce Lee

Death of Bruce Lee.
Zine: Death of Bruce Lee
Issue: unknown
Created by: Matt Bennett
Where: Whitby, Ontario
When: 1990

"You have. I'll bet you've sold fucking tickets!" Another Matt Bennett creation that pushes all the right buttons. High contrast, highly interesting content. If anyone knows what Bennett is up to now, let me know. I'd love to get in touch with him.

Notes: I still have a photo, sent to me by Mark Lewman, from the same session and same banks  as the photo of Lew on the last page of this zine.