Style Zone #7

Style Zone #1.
Zine: Style Zone
Issue: 7
Created by: Matt Bennett
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Whitby, Ontario
When: 1989

Death of Bruce Lee and Bent and Mutilated creator Matt Bennett's regular zine. By regular, I mean he made six before this one under the same name and anything else I've seen has been a one-off. With a visually similar style and sensibility between titles, Bennett manages to keep his high-contrast look familiar. This is the art of zine making and Bennett does it very well. This one has a little bit of freestyle, a little bit of art and after-school detention, the usual toilet photos. 

Notes: I would like to see anything else Bennett made. Anyone got anything?

Stabilizer #1

Stabilizer #1.
Zine: Stabilizer
Issue: 1
Created by: Carl Marquardt
Format: 8 1/2" x 14"
Where: Kew Gardens, NY
When: 1987

I love the first issue of any zine. There's an optimism and unbridled creativity that is unparalleled. Stabilizer is a mish-mash of a freestyle zine with some cool stuff inside. There's a story about Peachtree City, Georgia and the halfpipe they built to address their skateboarder "problem," a missive about how contests are judged, Mongoose and Vision Street Wear ads and a heavy photo section with some great bmx freestyle action. This is the only issue of Stabilizer I have. Does anyone know if Carl kept up the fight?

Notes: Legal-size paper format. Carl had a badass typewriter that also had a cursive function. And yes, Jody Watley is a babe.

Bust It #10

Bust It #10.
Zine: Bust It
Issue: 10
Created by: Mark Mack
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Elkhart, IN
When: 1990

Another Mark Mack episode, except this one is printed entirely on a light blue paper. I dig the NAIL (News and Intelligent Lies) section. Interview with the fine fellows of the Excessive Intensity team out of Mishawaka, Indiana and a fantastic Mat Hoffman interview. There's some interesting writing and all the photos are consistently good. 

Notes: I only have two issues of Bust It. I kind of wish I had more.

Bust It #9

Bust It #9.
Zine: Bust It
Issue: 9
Created by: Mark Mack
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Elkhart, IN
When: 1989

Blue cover! Nice photos, lots of typewriter and just an overall good feeling of scene. I only have a couple issues of Bust It. Not sure how I came across this one. Maybe Terry Nourse of RIP zine. Noticed both Bust It and  S.E.P. addresses in RIP, so we must have corresponded properly at some point.

Notes: Photo of side glide curiously referenced as a "Land Speeder." I don't remember that alternate name for the trick. The full-page House of Bicycles advert with two hard-flash shots of bikes laid down and a business card is just late 80s zine ad perfection.