Aggro Rag #9

Aggro Rag #9.
Zine: Aggro Rag
Issue: 9
Created by: Mike Daily
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: York, PA
When: 1989

There are only a few zines in the skateboard and bmx freestyle worlds that are legendary. Aggro Rag is one of them. Mike Daily and the Plywood Hoods defied all of the small town odds with an expertly-documented scene and riders that were so ahead of their time it was unbelievable. Daily's editorial sensibility and style was as dialed in as Kevin Jones' rolling flatland trickery. This issue is toward the end of Aggro Rag's run, and it is one of the most prized zines in my shoebox. It's thicker than any other zine I have, and there's so much freestyle goodness it's incredible.

Notes: I met Daily in 2007 and worked on the art and graphics for his book and double CD audio compilation Alarm. Daily released a compendium of Aggro Rag from 1984-1989 that is still available. Pick up a copy if you can.

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