Zipper Full of Scrotum

Zipper Full of Scrotum.
Zine: Zipper Full of Scrotum
Issue: unknown
Created by: Duncan Scott Davidson
Format: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
Where: Fremont, CA
When: 1990

It was always such a pleasure to get a Nor-Cal Swami zine in the mail. Even his one-offs, like this micro zine Zipper Full of Scrotum, were packed with the kind of shit that potentially-college-bound art-school students wished they could come up with. It was counterculture in a way that graffiti and wheat-paste posters and stickers could never be. "A phallic symbol" or "How I met Country Bob at 7-11 one fine morning" hits home for this kid from Emporia, Kansas. 

Notes: This was printed on yellow paper. I have additional, Swami micro-zine pages in green and pink paper that were not stapled into this issue... they were loose. I don't remember if they were a separate one-off (Shithump?) from The Swami or if I cut and pasted some things from here and have misplaced the pages. I've included what I have here. Burn Victim and Electrician are fantastic stories. 

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