Atomic Circle of Chaos #10

Atomic Circle of Chaos #10.
Zine: Atomic Circle of Chaos
Issue: 10
Created by: Bill Keaggy, Bob Burbick, Adam Liber
Format: 8 1/2" x 11" (Issue 10 with opening two pages featuring legal format paper for extended foldout cover/opening page salvo.) Impressive
Where: Columbiana, OH
When: 1989

ACC issue 10 is fat. Packed with a ton of clean layouts, tiny type and chunky, contrasty photos, this one has coverage of 2-HIP Meet The Street in Oregon, Outlaw Freestyle Association Summer Series Finals and Championship, State of Being: Minnesota by Terry Nourse, interview with Todd Lyons and Lawan Cunningham, Berea Triangle contest, a retrospective on Keaggy's correspondence with Luke Strahota of Jargon of Delinquents zine, a John Byers interrogation and the "best of" ACC. Thick. THICK. 

Notes: This is the only issue of ACC I have. I wish I had more. The PDF layout for this one includes the extended foldout cover action.

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