Gut Feel'n #3

Gut Feel'n #3
Zine: Gut Feel'n
Issue: 3
Created by: Phread Conrad, Jawhn Dettman
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: San Bernardino, California
Date: 1987

Gut Feel'n was one of the first handful of zines I received in the mail. I probably wrote Phread with 50 cents and a stamp after seeing a "Zine Scene" feature in Thrasher Magazine. Heavy, two-color cover, with a Mike Taylor interview and photos by Tod Swank, Jawhn Dettman, Bryce Kanights, Kevin Thatcher.

Notes: Excellent art. Two instances with toilets, which somehow seemed to be a recurring artistic theme with skateboarder/artists at that time, myself included. 

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