Anarchist Monthly #6

Anarchist Monthly #6.
Zine: Anarchist Monthly
Issue: 6
Created by: Aaron Pfendler
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Forestport, NY
When: 1988

Look mom, I made the cover of Anarchist Monthly! That's my ass in the bottom right corner, doing some flatland foolishness on my first Haro. I'm not sure where my copy of AM five is, so next in the series is issue six. This one's got an artistic Jack the Ripper update, a great long interview with MSI (More Stupid Initials), a rare photo of Jason Stecher on his Rodney Mullen and me playing on swings.

Notes: The "Day in the Life" of The Skinhead Peanut Farmer comic is pure fucking awesomeness.

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