Stabilizer #1

Stabilizer #1.
Zine: Stabilizer
Issue: 1
Created by: Carl Marquardt
Format: 8 1/2" x 14"
Where: Kew Gardens, NY
When: 1987

I love the first issue of any zine. There's an optimism and unbridled creativity that is unparalleled. Stabilizer is a mish-mash of a freestyle zine with some cool stuff inside. There's a story about Peachtree City, Georgia and the halfpipe they built to address their skateboarder "problem," a missive about how contests are judged, Mongoose and Vision Street Wear ads and a heavy photo section with some great bmx freestyle action. This is the only issue of Stabilizer I have. Does anyone know if Carl kept up the fight?

Notes: Legal-size paper format. Carl had a badass typewriter that also had a cursive function. And yes, Jody Watley is a babe.

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