Vital Force #1

Vital Force #1.
Zine: Vital Force
Issue: 1
Created by: Mike Ging
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: West Chester, PA
When: 1988

Another issue number one. Did I mention how much I like inaugural issues? So much good stuff crammed in here. So much metal. The best part is right up front – Ging doesn't care if you like the zine or not, as long as the West Chester scene is promoted to the world. Isn't that what every zine is supposed to be about? Zine is short for fanzine. Who's a bigger fan of your scene than you? I dig it.

Notes: The Haro '88 Tour show review has a photo caption that says "Rick Rolling," which is Rick Moliterno rolling through some... rolling trick. Hard to see in the photo. Given today's pop-culture definition of "Rick Rolling" I thought this was quite funny. In "??? of the month" best car is noted as Saab 900 turbo two-door black with works. 1988? Agree completely.

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