Bust It #9

Bust It #9.
Zine: Bust It
Issue: 9
Created by: Mark Mack
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Elkhart, IN
When: 1989

Blue cover! Nice photos, lots of typewriter and just an overall good feeling of scene. I only have a couple issues of Bust It. Not sure how I came across this one. Maybe Terry Nourse of RIP zine. Noticed both Bust It and  S.E.P. addresses in RIP, so we must have corresponded properly at some point.

Notes: Photo of side glide curiously referenced as a "Land Speeder." I don't remember that alternate name for the trick. The full-page House of Bicycles advert with two hard-flash shots of bikes laid down and a business card is just late 80s zine ad perfection.

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