2-HIP promo catalog

2-HIP promotional catalog/zine
Zine: 2-HIP
Issue: Promotional catalog
Created by: 2-HIP Promotions
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Leucadia, CA
When: 1988

When zines started becoming a little less underground, skateboard and BMX companies began using the format as a way to get information to consumers/customers faster and cheaper than monthly magazine adverts could. Many of these zines were just thinly-veiled, long-form ads with little to no content at all. 

Ron Wilkerson's 2-HIP Promotions put together some of the best BMX vert and street contests coming out of the 80s, when the AFA was on its last legs. If you joined the 2-HIP Society, you got a limited-edition shirt, hat, stickers and a one year subscription to the quarterly 2-HIP zine, which was probably a lot cooler than this slapdash catalog. Still, it was a way to get information out there, and we didn't get a lot of information about anything in Emporia, Kansas. Ron was always generous and very cool about writing back to fans.

Notes: I wasn't a 2-HIP Society member, so I never did see any official 2-HIP zines. I did find a letter and autographed Haro sticker that Ron sent me, probably with this promo catalog. 

Letter from Ron Wilkerson.

Autographed Haro Air Wear sticker, 3 1/2" x 2 3/4".

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