Loft #2

Loft #2.
Zine: Loft
Issue: 2
Created by: Club Homeboy
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Torrance, CA
When: 1988

Loft was the official zine of Club Homeboy, what would now be called a "lifestyle brand" but back then was just another way to see what coolness the Freestylin' magazine master cluster of Andy Jenkins, Mark Lewman and Spike Jonze were up to. You paid your membership dues and you got a t-shirt, wrist wrap, stickers and a laminated membership card/security badge. For those who care (or don't), my member number was 342. You also got a copy of Loft in the mail every once in a while. 

Notes: "Loft" was the name of the zine from issue two forward. I don't remember what issue one was called, because I don't have it. I learned a new word from this issue – habiliments. What I'd give now for a "Factory" t-shirt for 8 bucks. Also, Jive Handles grips were available for $8.75, which was a steal.

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