Cold Turkey #1

Cold Turkey #1.
Zine: Cold Turkey
Issue: 1
Created by: Dave D'Andrea
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Where: Bristol, CT
When: 1990

Zine from a cool cat in Connecticut, Dave D'Andrea. He did a number of zines (Cold Turkey, Stuntwood, Sudden Impact), but maybe it was all just the same zine with different names. They did change up quite a bit, but the Dave style was always the same D'Andrea.

Notes: This had to be from fall 1990 to possibly early spring 1991. The "thanks to" on page 4 references "my main man from Kansas and college man #2 Ryan." I was at University of Kansas at the time. Not 100% sure this is the same Dave, but internets searches seem to confirm the backstory somewhat. Please let me know if otherwise.

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